Thursday, May 26, 2011

Passion & Play Stops Cravings | Shrink Yourself

I had to share this great article today. This is definately true for me! I see more and more everyday that I obsess less and less over food. I think that being busier is defnately the reason.

Passion & Play Stops Cravings Shrink Yourself

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Monday

It's another rainy Monday here today : (  I'm so looking forward to seeing some sun! I haven't been posting as often these days.
To be honest I have been eating like crap lately. I have been making terrible choices and not really caring so much. I think part of this stems from me not having food in the house. We have been eating out a lot and not having the best choices. I'm going shopping tomorrow and I can't wait to get some healthy foods back into my life.

We celebrated my cousin's husbands 30th this weekend and had a great time. We even went out after the party. We got home after 2am! I realized the next day that I'm not that young anymore : )

My cousin, Me and My Sis -in- Law

Me and Steve

Me and my cousin

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy week

Well I have been pretty busy this week. We were awaiting our new couch and tv stand. It finally arrived and we are really happy with how the living room looks. Previously we had pretty bulky furniture that made our small living room look even smaller! I'm just not sure what color throw pillows we will go with, any ideas? I love the brown but I think we need something to break it up a bit.

Please excuse the little one sleeping away on the couch : )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something learned

I learned something from this little girl today. My sister has been trying to put her on a 4 hour schedule with her feedings. Like I said in yesterdays post it was a perfect day. I had a good day and the baby also was on scheudle with her feedings.

Today was a little different. This morning Amiyah was sleeping for her 10am feeding. I tried to wake up her and she did start eating but drank only 2 ounces and fell asleep.

As she sleeps her next to me I realized that i'm hungry. I thought to myself, how could you be hungry? You had a smoothie and some eggs with veggies this morning. After a few minutes I realized I was still stuck in the diet mentality, that mentality when you tell yourself that you have to wait until a certain time to eat because you just ate enough. I snapped out if and made myself an english muffin with PB & J. 

My Neice reminded me that  everyday is different. One day you might be hungrier than another but that is ok.Our bodies always tells us what they want. I was reminded that I need to honor my hunger. There is no longer a set of rules to live by. Or should I say, my rules!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Craving a crunch

Today was so much better for me. Today was actually an ideal day for me. I ate when hungry, I had a great workout this morning, I ate healthy foods, I was energized and made good use of my time too. I even went for a 50 min walk later tonight by the beach. I feel great. I was pretty hungry tonight and I had a bowl of cereal right before bed. I usually can go to bed a little hungry but this was beyond that. I feel good about all my choices today.

Lunch was so tasty : ) I wanted something with crunch. I enjoyed turkey and swiss toasted topped with red onions (one of my favs) and some cucumber and carrots with some delish roasted garlic hummus. I also had a pickle. I just love when I get a craving and I fulfill it with something that make my body feel well.

Not much of a you can see I was pretty hungry

Monday, May 9, 2011

Too many sweets

Not sure what got into me today. I ate way too many sweets. I didn't feel that it was a binge or that I was eating emotionally either. I feel that it is due to that time of the month. I know that is no excuse to eat in excess but at least I understand where it is coming from. Tomorrow is a new day.

Mother's Day

Well I have been missing in action the past few days. Since I have been baby sitting I haven't has as much free time.

 I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. Mine was perfect and I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and son and extended family too. We spent sometime with my Mom and had some munchies and wine and then we took my Mother in law to the casino. It was a really fun day enjoyed by all.

My son rode his bike to the store to get me the roses below  : )   My husband Steve gave me a my mini smoothie maker! I'm in love with this thing. You blend the smoothie and then you drink right out of the same container. Also I have money to get my nails and toes done...can't wait for that this coming weekend!

 Here is a picture of my adorable Neice Amiyah

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here is a link to a great article I received this morning. 

Emotional hunger has always been a huge problem for me. I find that lately I'm only thinking about food when I'm hungry. If I'm not physically hungry I question myself to find out what is really going on. Sometimes I can't figure out exactly what is bothering me at the moment. At that time I usually try to do something else to keep me out of the kitchen until things become clearer. As I do this more and more it becomes easier each time. 

I find that a key to me not always thinking about food is just being busy with other things. I have been babysitting my niece now so now that all my focus is on her I truly only have time to think of food when I'm hungry.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Planning Ahead

I started to watch my niece as of this morning. It was a surprise to me that she was coming today. My sister just assumed I knew she was coming. Normally in the past something that was't planned would throw my whole day off. I do admit, I did get a touch of anxiety but it was quickly over and I'm fine. 

I feel that this says a lot to me about how far I have come. I think that is what Life is, rolling with the punches and realizing that things always work out.  

Since it was a go with the flow kind of Monday I decided to wip up a new recipe. Breakfast Pizza : )

Hope everyone has a great Monday!