Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real Life

Real Life means that you aren't always perfect, at least to me it does. I posted last about being in a really good place with my relationship to food.  That is still true, but it doesn't mean that things don't creep back in on some days.

I tend to get these "diet" thoughts every now and then. I hear about someone on some "diet" and I kinda get hooked into the idea and it ends up making me eat emotionally, or binge. In my head I start thinking about going on a "diet" and it makes me feel deprived just thinking about it. I imagine not being able to eat certain foods such as sugar anymore and I end up eating them more and obsessing over food even more!

I admit, that I catch myself and recover much sooner than in the past so, that is something I'm so proud of.

I talked with a blogger friend last night through email regarding her take on eating sugar and binging and I just wanted to share a post from her blog that I thought was very helpful to me. _ Christie is awesome!

I realize that for me sugar tends to be a problem. I love Christie's idea of a food mood journal! I plan on keeping one for myself to really get to the bottom of my issues with sugar. Christie reminded me that part of Intuitive Eating is to really listen to your body for EVERYTHING! I don't know why I forgot that the same goes when figuring out how I feel when eating sugar.

I can't go by so and so who is following a carb free, sugar free way off living....that might be good for so and so, but I have to find my own way. Thanks again Christie!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cake in the morning

I have to stop in when something seems important for me to share.  This morning was one of those times.

This morning I ate my breakfast which was a banana and a small tortilla with eggs, tomato and cheese. I wasn't as satisfied this morning, and still felt hungry.

My sister dropped off the baby this morning and brought me a half of a cake she baked. Right away I wanted a piece. The cake was on my mind for about 10 minutes. I kept telling myself you can have a piece later, but the truth is I was hungry and cake sounded good to me at that moment so I went for it. I feel satisfied now.

This is what listening to your body is all about. Some mornings you want some cake and that's ok, your body will never fail to tell you want it wants and needs. It's your emotions that are evil  and get in the way : )

As long as I know that I'm not eating for an emotion and I'm truly at peace with eating what I'm about to eat it, always feels right.

I decided to make Friday's my official weigh in day of the week. I was getting way too dependent on the scale multiple times a day. I put it away for now and I'm taking it out once a week to check in. I'm trying my best to not get hung up on the number. Either way I'm eating better, exercising and trying to manage my emotions. What more can I do?

I'm happy with where I am right now.

Have a wonderful day!!