Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm struggling so much with emotional eating lately. I'm not sure if it's the stress around this time of year or what, but I feel like I'm going backwards again.

I have read many books on this topic with hopes of having an instant cure. I know that this is my own journey and I have to do the work. I think books and websites can be helpful, but if i'm not implementing any of the tools, nothing is going to change!

I have done a lot of research this week and I came up with some ways I can try to help myself. Here is goes....

Wait 15 min before you give into a binge - I have tried this once this week and it worked. I had to fight hard with myself, but I beat the binge that night. I gave myself time to figure out what was going on. I went on the computer and reached out to friends on a message board.

Have a list of things to do when you feel the need to binge - I haven't done this, but I'm going to write my list today. If I don't have any plan in place I can't expect to beat it right?

Things to do other than binge 

1. Listen to music

2. Take a shower/bath 

3. Go on the computer 

4. Journal my feelings 

5. Go for a walk/ visit or call a friend

I also would like to start either making jewelry or knitting. I hear that these things help and are fun and rewarding at the same time.

I have a lot of trouble following through with goals for some reason. I'm trying hard to keep myself accountable and hoping for the best. 

How do you fight off emotional eating? 


Sar said...

I used to binge soo much more than I do now, basically what helped is really analyzing how it made me feel afterward: like Shit. And I beat myself up over it. Pretty much my desire to avoid feeling like that helps me not binge.

Also, you can't let yourself get too hungry. Also, don't tell yourself "it's ok to eat this huge amount of food". It's not. For anyone!

Stay strong, lovely.

sotm121097 said...

Thanks Sar, I'm trying...but it's a battle for me. I have hope that I will be better someday.