Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old habits

I found a lump on my breast this past week. I was stressing about it and waiting on the results of my mamo/sono. Of course I ate and I ate to relieve the stress. I should know better that it doesn't help!

I haven't used food in a while to deal with stress. It really got the best of me. I feel bloated and terrible. I'm going on vacation today and I didn't want to leave like this feeling crappy, but it is what it is. Thank God my results came back normal! So happy for that, so hopefully now I can resume my normal eating habits.

Of course my patience is being tested because I woke up to a clogged toilet this morning. So now I'm off to the store to buy a plunger. I don't know why I never had one.

How do you handle stress? Does stress make you eat?

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