Sunday, March 20, 2011

Food addiction

 I checked my email this morning and found this article below. I receive these emails from shrink and I love reading them.

It's funny how the article related to my night . I went to a party and there were all different appetizers there. I felt that I ate intuitively until I got home. My husband brought home some burgers and fries. I wasn't hungry but I think I was a bit upset so I ate half a burger and some fries. I didn't let myself feel any guilt about it but I know I definately wasn't hungry. I think being around others in a social setting increases my insecurities about myself, not sure why? I just didn't feel good about myself and my weight at all. Also, my cousin was dicussing this new diet she might be trying. I think that could have been a trigger. I'm not giving up I want to give intuitive eating a real try. I want to be able to heal my obsession and then be able to help others once I get there.

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