Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stay Strong

Today I wanted to talk about the Demi Lovato Documentary...Stay Strong.  I really like her before, but now Love her even more!

I think she was so brave to share her story to the world. It is not often that celebrities admit their faults. It does makes me very sad to see just how much pressure hollywood can have on body image. It really upsets me just how much the desire to be thin ruins so many young girls lives.

She is a great example of real recovery.  She is working towards being healthy and admits that it doesn't mean she is perfect.

That is the key to anyone that struggles with an eating disorder. I have come to realize that some days I struggle, and some days are great. I think it's all about how you recover from the fall that makes the difference. It keeps getting easier as you go through it.

I have been struggling on and off the past two weeks. I have eaten emotionally a few times. I used to beat myself up over this, but now I just see the next day as a new start. I forgive myself and move on. Do I need to loose weight, yes, but I just refuse to put my body through another diet. If it's not a way that I can live with forever I can't get caught up in doing it.

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