Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feeling Good

I didn't realize that it was happening, but for the past couple of weeks I was getting sucked back into the diet mentality.

I heard of a friend following the paleo diet. I let a lot of the studies about this plan get to me. I honestly got into a panic and felt like I was going to get sick if I ate grains or sugar. I started following the plan for about a week. I did loose a few pounds. I was happy with that since the scale hasn't budged for me in quite sometime, but I did learn a couple of things.

I realized that I do get a bit sensitive to carbs such as anything made with white flour. I was happy to learn this about myself so I can try to incorporate more whole wheat based dishes into my diet. I really hadn't been good about doing that until now.

Also, I learned that anytime I restrict one food, I also end up with a binge. Of course this happened.

I'm back on track now. I went shopping stocked up my  kitchen with tons of fruit, veggies, nuts, greek yogurt and lean protein. I feel really great and I'm maintaining that weight loss so far. The best part is that I don't feel like I'm going by the rules of a diet plan, I'm making my own rules and that is just what works for me.

I went back to shopping at Trader Joe's this week. I forgot how much I loved that place! I need some more healthy snack ideas though. 

What are you favorite healthy snacks?

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