Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carbs and sugar

For many years I have heard from people that sugar and carbs can cause you to binge eat. I just didn't believe it. I still continue to try and eat everything in moderation as I believe that telling myself I CAN'T have a certain food seems to make me want it more. Although, that is still somewhat true I think I have some proof that carbs and sugar do trigger more cravings for me.

I decided last week to try to stay away from sugar in the form of treats, I still ate yogurt and fruit. I didn't eat bread or any other carbs like rice, potatoes or cereal. I couldn't believe how different I felt! I no longer was craving a sweet right after dinner. I also didn't finish a meal and feel so full, or that foggy tired feeling. That is what kept me going, I just felt pretty great.

Since then Easter came so I did eat some pasta, some dessert and I did feel a difference. I was bloated, tired and craved more of that food.  Yesterday was really spent as an all out binge! I ate so much crap I can't even tell you. I don't know if it was really a true craving or more of me just trying to prove to myself that I can still eat that stuff. 

All I know is that I did feel better without eating the carbs. I feel like this week I want to eat less carbs and see where that gets me.

I guess this is what it really means to honor your body, and do what feels right for you. We all haven't different reactions to foods. We all have to do what is best for our body. I don't know exactly what that is right now, but I think i'm getting closer.

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