Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was told a few month ago by the Dermatologist that I had eczema on my finger. It was a constant dry scaly patch on my finger. At first I thought it was dry skin, but it just got worse.

I used the medication that was prescribed for 2 weeks and it got better. It has started coming back now. Something told me to do some research. I came across a few sites that claim it eczema could be caused by certain foods such as, dairy, wheat, grains, and sugar.

I love all of them! I can't image really living without any of these foods, but at the same time I feel like one of them could be the problem. The only way for me to find out is to just cut back on these three one at a time and see if I notice any changes. I'm starting with dairy. So I will see how it goes.

The thing that bothers me most is that I just went for a physical and had blood work, I'm completely healthy! Ugh, just don't get it. I'm hoping I get some answers soon. For now I'm trying to figure this out on my own before going back to the Dr. I started using the cream again.

On another note, I haven't binged or emotionally eaten at all this week. I'm really fighting to eat only when I'm hungry.

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