Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Craving a crunch

Today was so much better for me. Today was actually an ideal day for me. I ate when hungry, I had a great workout this morning, I ate healthy foods, I was energized and made good use of my time too. I even went for a 50 min walk later tonight by the beach. I feel great. I was pretty hungry tonight and I had a bowl of cereal right before bed. I usually can go to bed a little hungry but this was beyond that. I feel good about all my choices today.

Lunch was so tasty : ) I wanted something with crunch. I enjoyed turkey and swiss toasted topped with red onions (one of my favs) and some cucumber and carrots with some delish roasted garlic hummus. I also had a pickle. I just love when I get a craving and I fulfill it with something that make my body feel well.

Not much of a picture...as you can see I was pretty hungry

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