Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something learned

I learned something from this little girl today. My sister has been trying to put her on a 4 hour schedule with her feedings. Like I said in yesterdays post it was a perfect day. I had a good day and the baby also was on scheudle with her feedings.

Today was a little different. This morning Amiyah was sleeping for her 10am feeding. I tried to wake up her and she did start eating but drank only 2 ounces and fell asleep.

As she sleeps her next to me I realized that i'm hungry. I thought to myself, how could you be hungry? You had a smoothie and some eggs with veggies this morning. After a few minutes I realized I was still stuck in the diet mentality, that mentality when you tell yourself that you have to wait until a certain time to eat because you just ate enough. I snapped out if and made myself an english muffin with PB & J. 

My Neice reminded me that  everyday is different. One day you might be hungrier than another but that is ok.Our bodies always tells us what they want. I was reminded that I need to honor my hunger. There is no longer a set of rules to live by. Or should I say, my rules!

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