Monday, October 22, 2012

Living With Passion and Purpose

This weekend I attended a seminar with Matthew Kelly called Living With Passion and Purpose. I really enjoyed it. I received a little good bag, love those! I have a copy of Matthew's new book Off Balance I'm going to start reading this today!

At the seminar he covered many topics. In a nutshell it boils down to being the best version of yourself. I feel more focused and equipped with set guidelines to really start to makes moves instead of saying I'm going to.

He mentioned how many people say that don't know what their purpose in life is. I'm one of those people for  sure. He said it's in the silence that God speaks to us. If we spend 10 min a day in the school of silence as he calls it, we will find more peace to hear from God as to what we should be doing in life.

I wanted to share a few quotes he mentioned that I enjoyed.

" If you are what you should be you will set the world on fire" - St. Catherine

"When we switch the focus off ourselves to other our lives become a dance for joy" Matthew Kelly

"Every journey towards something is a journey away from something" Matthew Kelly

Remember to ask yourself this question as it relates to everything you do in live - Will this bring out the best version of myself?

Enjoy your week!

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