Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chocolate for breakfast

Normally I definately crave a savory breakfast over a sweet one. Today I wasn't that hungry. After working out I had a tall glass of chocolate milk thanks to Anette @ for that!

After the milk I was full for a couple of hours. I started to get hungry around 10 and decided to try a breakfast that I had been thinking about trying. I made some plain oats and added a teaspoon of PB and two tablespoons of dark chocolate rasinettes. I thought I would love it, but unfortunately it's just so so. I'm glad I decided to try this when I wasn't so hungry. I didn't finish the bowl, but I did enjoy an apple on the side.

This is the beauty of listening to my body. I used to eat just because it was a certain time and I had to. Now I eat when I'm hungry and I eat exactly what my body is asking for. Otherwise this always leads to a feeling of being deprived for me. I can remember back in the Weight Watcher days I would eat something even if I wasn't hungry because God forbid I waste my points : ) glad those days are behind me.

I'm getting better everyday at listening to my body and trying to break old habits of emotional eating. I'm feeling great with my progress these days. I even saw the scale drop. Of course this is not my only means of measuring my progress but I do use it to check in with myself. The scale and I haven't always been great friends, but I'm trying to work on that too.

On another note, I'm debating on going a little darker with my hair. I want a more natural look with suttle highlights. I'm wondering what you all think? I'm also debating on cutting it as well.

First here is the color I have now

I'm in the front..purple shirt

Here is a darker color I had in the past, not crazy about this.

Now my question is what would you think about more of a light brown with subtle highlights?

Something like this...maybe a touch more highlighted.

I'm also tempted to chop my hair, but maybe I should work out my color first!


Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

I know EXACTLY what you are saying with respect to eating your Points whether you are hungry or not! I used to do the same thing! Yes, heaven forbid we let a Point go uneaten! LOL! I used to always feel it necessary to eat snacks to fill out the daily Point target, but now that I've ditched the dieting, I realize how often I DON'T need a snack! Weird!

And I love your hair either way! It's beautious! :)

sotm121097 said...

I had a feeling you would understand what I was saying!

Thanks, you are very sweet.