Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Today is my Husbands Birthday. I'm spending my day preparing for us to celebrate tonight. I love getting ready for ocassions like this. I'm making some of his favorite foods tonight. Although they aren't too health conscious I think that birthday's are one of those times when you can indulge a bit. I'm making some empanadas and some spanish rice.

For those of you that don't know what empanadas are, they a pastry filled with seasoned ground beef and deep fried ...yeah I know but it's his birthday right?

You can also bake this in the oven, but I haven't tried it that way and I think they are best fried at least for today. I might give that a try another time. I will post the recipe later on as I don't have exact measurements just yet.

I also baked a marble cake. That is one of his favs.

I'm looking forward to celebrating my best friend, the one that makes me laugh everyday, my positive support system and the best father to our son. Not just because he is my husband, but he truly is my better half. He really puts a smile on everyone's face that knows him. I'm blessed to have him in my life!

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Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

Wow!!! The empanadas look amazing, as does the cake, Tina! I've always wanted to make empanadas, so I'm looking forward to the recipe!

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Great pic of you both!