Thursday, August 4, 2011

New glasses = seeing clearly

I recently had to get reading glasses since I'm a bit far sited.  I just can't get used to this look!  Anyway, they are definately helping me not strain my eyes so that's a good thing.

I also have to say that I have been seeing a lot clearer with regards to my battle with food/weight.  I have been keeping track of my calories on and I eat anywhere between 1800 - 2100 per day.

I'm feeding myself mostly healthy foods with small indulgences,  I'm eating mostly when hungry but I do battle the ocassional emtional eating episode.

I noticed today that sparkpeople recommends that I eat 1200 - 1550 calories per day to reach my goal of loosing 35lbs by  December.  If you change your goal date to a longer period of time,  or if you only choose to loose just a half a pound a week it increases your calorie range to 1400 - 1700.  I haven't really gone by the recommendations because I feel that I want to loose weight in the way that works best for me.  I think this site is a great help though.  It gives you the breakdown of carbs/protein/fats.  I love that I can see if I'm getting enough of these.

Normally in the past using this site has really set me up for a binge.  I notice that although I'm going over the recommeded range that It's ok with me.  I realize that I'm using calorie counting as a tool to guide me in the right direction towards loosing weight.  I know through trial and error I will find what is working or not for my body to loose weight.  So far I have noticed a drop in the scale so whatever I'm doing is working.

I'm really in no rush to loose the weight I put on.  I want to make lasting changes that will allow me to keep leaving healthy and not just put this weight right back on.

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