Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally some photos!

I wanted to share some photos of the new place.  As some of you may know I babysit my neice during the day so I have some random bags and baby items around, just pretend you don't see anything laying around  ; )

We are now living in a one bedroom apartment.  There were no two bedrooms available but we decided to take the one bedroom right now and work with the space. The living room is huge so we were able to split it into two rooms, a living room and a bedroom.

We are trying to find something that will split the room in two and act as a wall between the two spaces.  We are possibly thinking of a wall unit or book cases.

View from the living this tree!

Bedroom...sorry for the mess!

Living room...and the baby sleeping on the floor : )

You get a view of the kitchen from the living room 


This is where we want to put the wall unit to hide our bedroom

Our folding table : ) still deciding on a new table

So far the only idea we have for the wall unit in the living room is this

We are hoping this will work but still have to go check it out in person this weekend. 
For our kitchen table we haven't really seen anything that we love just yet. 

Now enough about the apartment.  Today I was up bright and early 5:30 to be exact. My son has to catch a 6:25 bus every other day.  This is going to work well for me since I  otherwise have trouble getting myself out of bed.  When I know that I have to be up for someone else it's much easier.  

I got him on the bus worked out,  read my bible and made breakfast for hubby and I.  I managed to that all by 7:30!  I feel really accomplished . The little one is sleeping and now I finally have time to blog.  Now that school is back in session I will definately be on more of a solid routine which I think works well for me. 

Has your routine changed at all, do you consider it a good or bad change?  

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