Thursday, November 3, 2011

Looking Back

Cupcake Confessions: A little about me

I decided to go back in time to my first post, last March. I think I needed to see just where my I was almost a year ago.

In a way I feel like I'm in the exact same place, but at the sametime I think I have made progress.

I still don't feel comfortable at this weight that is the truth, but I do feel that I have more Love for myself.

I think this quote is really the key for me. I'm doing my best to make sure I stop the negative thoughts about myself and my weight. I'm choosing to Love myself and to appreciate how much this body does for me. Without self acceptance you can't make any progress.

I'm so grateful  because.....

I have a supportive family who loves me dearly no matter what

I have a stable income

I have a roof over my head and food to eat

I can give hugs to my Son and Husband

I can cook for my family

I can care for and nuture my neice

I have overcome back problems

I have a big heart and can be sympatheic

I'm a good listener

I give good advice

I encourage others

As simple as these things might sound, they mean so much to someone who doesn't have them.

I watched a show the other day called I survived beyond and back.  If you have about 45 min I encourage you to watch this. It was so amazing to hear these stories of life after death. It makes you realize just how short life is and to enjoy every moment.

I know if God forbid something happened to me or my family I would bet I wouldn't care less about the number on the scale. I'm not saying to give up and not care, but I'm saying don't make it your life. I feel that sometimes weight and diets take over a lot of my thoughts. I think that is my biggest struggle.

I truly beleive that all the matters in the end is how we love. You can't take anything else with you when you go.

I hope this wasn't too deep for you on a Thursday morning : )

What are the simple things you are grateful for today? 

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