Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not What It Seems

Today I want to talk about being accepted for who you are.

I have been watching this show on MTV called Chelsea Settles. Chelsea has dreams -- to lose weight, to pursue a career in fashion, and to achieve her lifelong goal of moving to sunny, beautiful Los Angeles. But change isn't easy, especially for a sheltered small-town girl who's never flown on an airplane or lived on her own before.

As much as I know that the truth is we are all judged on appearance, it still saddens me. As you can see in this video Chelsea was treated differently because of her weight. I think everyone deserves a fair shot no matter what the situation.

We all have something to contribute to the world no matter what we look like on the outside. That really says nothing about who we are.

For example, Chelsea also found out on this episode that her roomate Jenna (who she thought had it all together) was an ex- drug addict. She battled with heroin addiciton. It just goes to show you that appearance doens't tell a thing about a person. You never know who they really are deep inside of what they have battled.

Also, I saw an episode of Dr. Drew's Lifechanges and they had the former Miss USA Tara Conner talk about her stuggle with addiction. It would seem by looking at her that she had her life together as well, but this wasn't the case either. Here is a short clip from the show. She was helping share her story with two twin sisters that were struggling with alcohol addiction.

Now Tara works to help others that struggle as she did. So it's nice to see a negative situation be used to help others.

I feel so strongly about people being accepted the way they are. I guess I have to work on accepting myself just the way I am too : )

What do you think of the show Chelsea Settles? Do you agree with how she is being treated out there in the fashion industry?

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