Sunday, October 23, 2011

Different views

I attended my cousin's baby shower today.  As everyone filled their plates at the buffet and sat down to eat, I took a look around the room and noticed what everyone else was eating. I think I try to see what everyone else eats because I like to know what each person does to stay thin.

First for myself, I just did my best to choose the foods I really wanted to eat and I ate until I was just full. I was pretty happy with how things went for me today.

Then you have the "Perfect Dieters" I noticed two of these today. They only snacked on nuts that were on the table, and served themselves a plate of salad and veggies.They also had no dessert. How can you go to a party and not have dessert?  I just could never relate to these people. Even in my dieting days I always served myself a small portion of what I liked. I always wonder what these eaters do in private? How can someone always eat so perfect and never want a treat?

You also have the "Dieter on a day off" These are the people that diet during the week and then go off plan on the weekend. This happened to be the person I was seated next to. She couldn't seem to get enough of certain foods. I assume this is because she doesn't allow herself to eat these foods on a daily basis so the need for them grows. - I remember being this person oh so well during my weight watcher days.

I see how some people just talk badly about themselves or talk about how guilty they are for eating cake or carbs and it just saddens me. I wish everyone would see that exercise and all foods in moderation is the way to go.

Trust me I want to be back to my thinner body but I definately don't want to live miserable and feel anxiety when I'm in social situations or feeling in bondage to a diet! I will keep fighting until I get to my happy medium.

How do you handle eating at social events? 

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