Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is so how I felt tonight! Everytime I get together with two particular family members it usually turns into an argument.

One of these ladies is going through some things in her life and I totally get it, but I don't get how she has to be so nasty to everyone around her. I came home tonight with a bad attitude and I let that trickle into my own home life. I finally got a hold of it and have calmed down now.

After I sat down to write this post I realized that the truth is that negative behaviour is a reflection of the other person. It tells you what kind of person they are and what issues they may be dealing with. It's not a reflection of who you are.

Some people have no idea how negative they’ve become. That's what they're surrounded by day in and day out so it’s just become a way of life for them. By being given the reminder, they may actually realize that being negative isn't the kind of person they want to be and may start to work on becoming more positive.

If you can be higher energy than they are then your energy will most likely start to rub off on those around you instead of the other way around. Also, the less you pay attention to them, the less they'll affect you.

Negative people not only harm themselves; they harm the world. They cease to make a contribution to it. Instead of helping, they spread gloom and misery everywhere. If they insist on infecting others, why not infect them with laughter? If they must carry something contagious, why not carry a smile?

I know I will try to remember this advice next time. I will remember to be a positive person like I usually am and I will carry a smile. Hoping that someday it will be contagious!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I hate negativity. I try really hard to focus on the positive in life. It's too short to waste it in a bad mood. :)

sotm121097 said...

It's so true!