Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night Steve and I ran to the store to pick up some snacks for our son. He requested brownies and the hubby wanted sugar cookies. So I got to baking. I also picked up some  cheetos and chips. I know I probably shouldn't even be buying these things because they aren't really good for anyone to eat too often. That is a topice I will save for a future post. Here is the temptaion I'm dealing with today.

Just a note, the brownies only made 9, My son ate two and took one for lunch. I did take one this morning but I didn't plan on it. I woke up and noticed the pan of brownies and instantly wanted to eat like 3 of them...i'm not going to sugar coat it. I controlled myself and just got busy doing something else. I realize that in this Intuitive Eating journey it is recommeded to not deny yourself anything. I have trouble with this. I tend to only binge on sweets so that is scary for me. I have my moments where I could be around goodies and not even think twice about them but today I woke up and the brownies were the first thing on my mind.

I ended up making pancakes for the hubby and decided to have some for breakfast thinking it would give me that something sweet that I was looking for. It didn't work out that way.

I ended up feeling kinda sick after I ate the pancakes and I'm still hungry! No surprise there. I know that pancakes aren't the best breakfast but I guess I gave in once I smelled them cooking.

I decided after breakfast to allow myself one brownie. I'm sitting here now still feeling hungry and also feeling very sluggish. Sometimes this gets frustrating and I just want to honestly eat everything in site. I have to fight really hard today to eat normally and not beat myself up for some bad choices.

Off to feed my neice and have another cup of coffee to try to wake up from this sugar crash! I have a feeling this will be a two post kinda day. Have a great one!

Do you find it hard to control yourself when you have sweets around the house?

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