Saturday, April 9, 2011

My question was answered

I posted last night about feeling out of control with eating while drinking. I received an email from and I feel better after reading this. This was a question answerd by Dr. Gould regarding a question he was asked.

Sarah, a twenty year old said: "I understand that since I equate happiness with food, that I overeat when I'm sad so that I feel happy. But sometimes when I'm with family or out with friends, I overeat and drink more wine then I should because I am happy, and I want to keep the feeling going, or be even happier."

My comment: I recommend that you continue to enjoy the family sport of eating and laughing and not beat yourself up about it. It is one of the great pleasures in life and a good way to stay connected to family and friends. Instead of thinking about giving it up, I suggest you think about controlling it. That is you can eat and drink and enjoy the moment without having to eat or drink too much. You can learn to "pause" and hold onto that feeling of joy, which comes from within, without needing to eat or drink more to make it last longer.

I recommend that you look closer at your desire to be even happier. I find that when people try to force happiness, they are really afraid that all their happiness will disappear unless they keep on promoting it. This is a catastrophe prediction that you might want to explore more. You can learn to accept the reality that happiness is not a constant state of being. You can let it go and be confident that it will come back. 

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