Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sugar and binging

I have to say that my binges have been few if at all these days. I'm so happy for that! 

I do still have my moments where I eat emotionally or I do crave sweets though. I get caught up in ideas almost every other day about starting a new diet. Just today after my cousin told me that she lost 13lbs on her diet I wanted to try it. She said that everyone that starts it does so well. The thing that pulled me in about the diet is that she said it takes away your cravings for sugar. 

I have gone back and forth with the idea that sugar could possibly be the culprit in my binging ways but not 100% sure. I might take a look into this diet further and possibly will try it. I want to see if it would affect my cravings and binging but at the same time I'm afraid it will set up my obsessive behavior. I guess if it does get to that point it's not like I can't stop right?

I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about sugar causing binges?

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