Friday, June 24, 2011

Computer Crash

My computer crashed and is finally up and running again. I was kinda lost without it. I really think that not having acess to a computer this week really made me notice just how much time I spend using it and also how much I depend on it as part of my daily routine.

I know we are in times where everything is electronic but still I feel like I need to regulate my time on the computer. I think I was taking my computer time before doing other daily chores that really needed to be done. I made better use of my time without the computer and I even spent more time with my family.

We also had a crazy week otherwise. We got hit in the parking lot while food shopping, hubby got a ticket, my son got suspended for 5 days next year...his friend pulled the fire alarm on the last day of school and he was seen on camera with his friend running out of the building. That's a story in itself : )

Anyway happy to be back. I haven't done the food journal this week because things got a little crazy but I'm happy to say that I will pick it up again starting next week as I usually don't post over the weekend.

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