Friday, June 17, 2011

Gave in

Well I talked yesterday about how well I have been doing with staying off the scale. That is still true, until today. I was visiting my Grandfather and went to use the bathroom. I saw the dreded scale in the corner and said to myself hmmm should I just peek? I waited about 30 seconds and hopped on.

I didn't see a number that made me happy, not sure why I thought that I would have. I guess it's because I have been eating well and not exercising consistantly.

 I even told myself that I had just eaten a sandwich and that I had on my shoes and jeans so that was giving me 2-3 extra lbs. I just wanted to feel better about the number that I saw.

While visiting the family I had a few hints dropped to my by my uncle asking me if I was dieting. We have this big family wedding to attend in August and everyone is on DIETS!! I'm pretty much the only one. I think maybe this pressure got to me today and could be part of the reason I wanted to hop on the scale. I think I wanted to prove to myself that I was doing just fine.

I'm trying hard to not let that number ruin my day or my progress. I know that at home I have no problem staying off of the scale. I just have to be better prepared to resist when visiting others. It should have been no different.

I have to remember that I did make a lot of progress by staying off the scale for 3 weeks!!

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