Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lower Back Arthritis

I have suffered with lower back pain for the past few years on and off. I never thouht much of it so I never got it checked out.

November came around and my back pain was constant for at least a week or two. That had never happened before. I knew that it was time to get a physcial.

The x-ray revealed that I had arthritis. At first I cried, I was so upset and thought the worst. I thought about my Grandma that suffered with dibilitating arthritis and was bed ridden for many years.

Once I finally did some research I realized that it wasn't so bad. I had a choice to just let it beat me or to fight and just make myself stronger. I chose the latter of couse.

I do have my struggles, today being one of those days. I was in terrible pain this morning but I pushed through it and did my strength training and I feel better now!

I attend physcial therapy weekly and I have to strech each day before I get out of bed and sometimes at other points throughout the day. With both of these things and my exercise I think I have gotten so much better.

Figure Four strech

Kness to chest strech
I do the above streches before getting out of bed and I do this one below throughout the day

I will keep fighting day by day to get stronger and hope to be pain free in the future : )


Tessa @ Amazing Asset said...

This certainly shows how strong you are that you are willing to fight against this sort of pain rather than accept it! That being said, I am sorry to hear you are suffering with this :(
I also wanted to congratulate you on how well you are doing with not weighing yourself! A worthy feat, and I am glad it is helping you!

sotm121097 said...

Thank you! It's definately tempting to peek but I know it's the best thing for me right now.