Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My nerves are getting the best of me

I have an appoitment set for Satruday morning for an MRI on my back. I'm pretty nervous about getting through the test. My pain has been worse over the past two weeks so this is why I have to have further testing. I realized that the past two days I have been over eating because of my nerves. When I start to binge and crave certain foods like chips or sweets I know that something is up.

I can't use being nervous as an excuse to keep this eating up, but not sure how to stop. Until Saturday gets here I have to try to find other ways to manage my nerves. I feel like maybe this food journal is not the best idea for me either. I had high hopes of trying to eat a little better but I think it makes me feel too much like diet.

I can't feel like I'm on a diet because if I mess up than I end up eating more to punish myself. I think that is what is happening over these past two days also.

I promise to come and write in my journal or to get busy doing something else like blogging or cleaning or taking a walk before I will let myself binge again.

Being in pain is pretty frustrating because it gets in the way of the little daily things I do. I'm not giving up though, I will keep fighting through this and I know that things will work out.

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