Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Journal

So I started journaling my food. I think it definately makes me think about making better choices but I have to watch myself from getting too crazy with trying to figure out the calories of things. I did jot down calories for most of the things I ate out of habit from the diet days. I'm trying to loose weight but I can't do it in an unhealthy way for myself.  Here is goes....

Breakfast- Coffee x2 with sugar and milk
Oatmeal made with milk, blueberries and cinnamon

Lunch- Chicken with onions and peppers, brown rice
wanted something sweet after lunch so made a smoothie from a banana, blueberries and yogurt

Snack - Cheese stick, hummus with carrots, 6 almonds ...I usually have a larger snack on days when I go to therapy to hold me over until I get back to eat dinner.

Dinner- Turkey meatloaf, corn and a scoop of mashed potatoes, salad

Going to watch a movie with the hubby and I plan on eating a 160 calorie ice cream sandwich and a  bag of 100 cal popcorn.

I feel like I ate pretty healthy but not sure whey I still feel like I ate way too much today.


Tessa @ Amazing Asset said...

I think this looks like a great balanced and healthy day... and definitely not too much food! 6 almonds?! I could never have portion control like that haha. When I have almonds it's more like 60, whoops :)

sotm121097 said...

Thanks Tessa. I feel like I eat pretty well but I also don't know why I can't really loose weight. As I said before I'm not a healthy weight for my size and I'm not comfortable here either. So I'm hoping that the little changes I'm making will pay off soon.