Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling Stonger

Here is another photo I took when I was feeling good

I have been sticking to my strength trainig goal 2 times a week. This is my second week and I'm already starting to feel stronger!

I love how strength training makes you feel. It's definately a different feeling than with cardio. I love me some cardio don't get me wrong but strength training is awesome!

I'm currently doing this DVD by Bob Greene. I have stuck to my goal with moving up a level each week or two and I think that's why I'm finally feeling stonger.

We have an empty fridge and cabinets and can't wait to go shopping tonight and stock up on some healthy foods. I'm so in love with sabra roasted garlic hummus!

Just check out the little bits of garlic in there....Ahhh it's heaven to me : )

I can't eat any other brand of hummus after trying Sabra. The only problem is that it's pretty pricey. I don't know if I can buy it this time since it's not on sale this week waaaah!!

 I might go through withdrawal this week, good think I still have some of the roasted red pepper left.


Tessa Merrick said...

Yumm I love that kind of hummus! Roasted Red pepper is great and I enjoy the original too
I am glad you are feeling good about the strength training so far... I need to get back into a routine

Stefanie said...

I love Sabra too - but Tribe hummus is actually my favorite! :)

I know exactly what you mean about strength training vs. cardio - they are totally different in terms of how you feel afterward! :)

sotm121097 said...

Yes it's really yummy! Yes, I'm loving the feeling after a good strength training workout.