Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dress Change again!

Well call me crazy but I decided last night that I just wasn't comfortable wearing the dress I had planned on for my son's confirmation. I know that other people liked it and I beleive that they would tell me the truth. The thing is, I wasn't comfortable in it. I didn't feel that it was as flattering to my body as I would like. I know myself and I would be fussing all day in it. So I pulled this dress out of the closet and I feel so much more comfortable! Ok, enough about this dress already : )

While planning this Confirmation party I realized I'm really into party planning too much, it's a lot of work. I can't wait to celebrate but I have to say I will be happy when the planning part of this is over and we can actually enjoy ourselves.
It is so hot today, Thank God I'm inside with my AC. It's definately not a straight hair day for me. I have wavy hair and it tends to frizz and poof out in humid weather. Today is a curly day for sure!

I do like my hair better straight  but I like how I can do it both ways if needed. Sometimes you need a change.

For those of you with curly/wavy hair what is your favorite curling product?

I recently tried Suave captivating curls whipped cream moose, it really has the consistancy of whipped cream. It doesn't just melt away in your hand like other moose does. The best part is it doesn't give my hair that crunchy feel, do you know what I mean? Uhh hate that feeling.

The best part is I bought it at Walmart for under $3.00!

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